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Dark Concrete Wall

Our Bespoke Work

Bespoke custom fabrication as requested by our customers.

If you have an idea get in touch with us for a chat.

Projector stand.jpg


The Projector Stand

Custom made Projector Stand mainly  to fit behind a Divan Bed. Base fabricated from 40 x 40 box section with a 20mm box section neck and finished in Gold paint. This project was made to suit the customers needs.


HD Fitness & Yoga Studio Liverpool


5mtr Power rack made to customer requirements, Made from 40mm box section including 25mm holes for J-cups. This is a 4 bay rack with one bay been a double chin up station. This power station has the ability to add extras.




Vehicle Chassis welding on this Mitsubishi. Chassis holed after rust rot, removed defected section and plated with new steel plate.


The Trailer

We purchased this trailer as a small flat bed, we then took to fabricating a bulkhead and outrigger frame. Frame made of 40 x40 box section with 25mm box rail and finished in Desert Sand Composite infill's.  

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